Always Room for One More
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Always Room for One Room has been created for God's precious little cargo. Because God desires to dwell among all mankind, this version of the Noah Project has been designed for infants to kindergartners to delight in the Lord's presence. Always Room for One More echoes God's unconditional love for the world, which is the root of evangelism. This book instills how special your little ones really are to God. Although the need to feel safe and secure is commonplace today, originally it was God's idea. To satisfy their sense of belonging, the story line invites them to be a part of God's family. Reinforcing security is essential when young people turn their hearts away from home to join gangs just to feel included and accepted. As with all Read All Over publications, you will find a prayer for salvation. There is both rhyme and reason to Always Room for One More. It is an excellent learning tool because education and enjoyment are uniquely combined. At the beginning of this book, there is an encouraging word for parents and teachers. There are references mades to colors, shapes, sizes, and numbers embedded throughout. Full-color pictures are present throughout with the use of animal pairs. You will also find word pictures to spark your child's vivid imagination, an inventor's greatest tool. Always Room for One More is so complete that all you need to add to this story is animation, your voice for your listening audience.

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Always Room for One More

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