Pathway to Prosperity
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Pathway to Prosperity is another enlightening book authored by Kathryn Joy Foster and published by Read All Over Publishing, Cleveland, OH. You will see for yourself the riches of the glory of God's grace. These five chapters mirror the book of Ruth, but with revelation about the four levels of increase that the finished work at Calvary paid for in full. Although you retain the right to always choose your personal path to financial prosperity, when you make room for God to choose the best for you, a noticeable difference will be gloriously manifested. Pathway to Prosperity follows the grievous plight of Naomi after the deaths of her husband and two sons. With the insistence of Naomi's daughter-in-law Ruth, she is accompanied to Bethlehem empty handed. Ruth gleans the land that leads to temporary employment from Boaz, one of the rich's men in that area. Becoming better acquainted, they marry which makes Ruth the co-owner and inheritor of his estate, leading Naomi to her wealthy place. That sums it all up for the book of Ruth, but Pathway to Prosperity unveils the story behind the story which will last you for a lifetime.

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Pathway to Prosperity

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