Royal Authority: The Right Side of Righteousness
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If you have had any questions about your significance to God, Royal Authority the Right Side of Righteousness provides sound biblical truths in black and white. Once you begin to look at your self-image through heaven's eyes, then you will better understand your true worth and value in the kingdom of God. You will acquire sufficient documentation so you will be well on your way to master your God-given inheritance as His son or daughter. 

Here's a view of other treasures inside Royal Authority. Understand the four stages of your belief system. Identify the three postures that determine your quality of life. Overthrow the spirit of shame--the stronghold behind why many won't accept God's honor. Know how righteousness and salvation connect. Learn the distinction between the two kingdoms operating in the earth. See what hindered Abraham from receiving the impossible for a time. Familiarize yourself with biblical examples that illustrate how the Lord is either enthroned or dethroned. Discover why Matthew was so intrigued with the kingdom of God principles.

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Royal Authority: The Right Side of Righteousness

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