What If Noah Rocked The Boat?
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What if Noah Rocked the Boat? is a 30-page book that ignites the imagination. Loaded with word pictures, the reader or listener can easily recall indelible impressions long after s/he has been introduced to the content. The Preface reveals the important role Noah and his forefathers had in saving the entire human race. Foster says, "it inspires the fulfillment of legacies in families, as it has my own." This youthful book publishes the 18 distinct personality root and fruit discovered in Noah. In the section, The Root Before the Storm the verses are in rhyme. In the Fruit After the Storm, the story line makes notable contrasts to encourage your young that the best choices and commitments in life will be made when the love of God is at the forefront. Written for children ages 6-12. 

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What If Noah Rocked The Boat?

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